Why You Should Use Sunless Tanning Lotion

Jul 13, 2016

Why You Should Use Sunless Tanning LotionThe hot summer sun is out there and we are all eager to achieve that healthy glow! However, is sun exposure really that healthy for you? Is the danger of a tanning bed worth it? If you want to bronze your skin this summer without the harm of UV rays, it may be time to consider the benefits of sunless tanning lotion instead.

The Problem With Sun Exposure

You would imagine that the best way to achieve a healthy glow to your skin would be to tan the old fashion way. However, this is completely untrue. Any kind of sun exposure is harmful to your health even if you are tanning rather than burning. In fact, if you get any type of coloring from the sun, it is a sign that your skin has been damaged and is attempting to protect itself.

If that wasn’t bad enough, prolong sun exposure can greatly age your skin as well. So instead of being able to enjoy a youthful glow, you will end up sporting wrinkles.

The Bigger Problem With Tanning Beds

If the exposure you got from the sun wasn’t bad enough, the UV radiation from tanning beds is even worse. Much like the actual sun, any exposure can cause terrible harm to your skin and drastically increases your chances of having skin cancer and even eye damage if you forget to wear eye protection.

The Benefits Of Sunless Tanning Lotion

Thankfully, with sunless tanning lotion, you can achieve a beautiful bronze glow all year round with no risk of UV radiation. Unlike with other kinds of tanning, you can enjoy this one even during the snowy winter months right from the comfort from your own home.

Not only is this a wonderful alternative to sun tanning and tanning beds, but it can actually boost the quality of your skin with their moisturizing quality. This means that sunless tanning lotion can help you prevent the wrinkles that other tanning methods would have intensified.

Since you are not getting a natural tan, you may worry about finding the right tanner for your skin tone that still looks natural and healthy. Our sunless tanning lotion products, including our Caribbean Gold line, has a large selection of tones for a variety of skin types so you can find the perfect glow for your skin every time.

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