Top 3 Prohormone Supplements

Jul 15, 2008

My Top 3 Prohormones

Over the past several years, I have tried a variety of prohormone supplements on the market. Out of all the one’s I have tried, I have narrowed it down to the Top 3 in which I like the most. They include D-Drol, testEVOL, along with Propadrol. These 3 prohormone supplements have given me the best results, when on the right diet and training regimen. D-DROL D-Drol

D-Drol is a unique prohormone, because it is formulated with DHB and it really increases the effects of the product. When I was taking D-Drol, I noticed a rapid change in my strength during workouts and really began to increase muscle size around the 3rd week. This is an amazing product that provides great results with dry gains, no water retention, along with no aromatization. It has powerful ingredients that will improve your physique. This product is highly recommended by many!


TestEVOL by Evolution Labs is real similar to the extremely powerful omnEVOL that was so popular in 2007. Although, omnEVOL is no longer available, I believe testEVOL is almost as powerful. I began using testEVOL the day we got in stock to do some comparisons of the other products I used. Evolution Labs has never let me down in the past, nor did they when I started using this product. I experienced great strength and mass gains both. This natural testosterone booster is also formulated with Liver Assist ingredients, along with antioxidants. I was very impressed with this product.Testevol


Propadrol is a fast acting prohormone supplement that provides fast and sudden gains. You will experience strength and mass gains. Also, Propadrol cannot be aromatized or converted into DHT.

If you have been looking into prohormone supplements and are unsure which one to choose, the three that I am talking about are great one’s to start off with. I believe you will extremely happy with the results you see when you combine it with a proper diet and training regimen.Propadrol

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