Three Major Exercise Don’ts At The Gym

Aug 22, 2016

Three Major Exercise Don'ts At The GymBeing fit and exercising is as popular as ever. People have been going to the gym in order to trim weight, build definition, and develop a better lifestyle. However, some people try to cut corners in order to see results quicker. Doing this will not make you see results quicker. In fact, you may hurt yourself, preventing you from making any more progress. Be smart when working out, and know how to take care of yourself when doing reps. Here are some common mistakes made by newcomers and people trying to cheat their way to results.

Overtraining Your Body

Overtraining is probably the most common exercise mistake made by newcomers and veterans alike. For maximum results, your body needs time to rest and recover. If you’ve heavily stressed your muscles during a workout, it is recommended that you relax for at least 24 hours before trying to attempt anything else. A way to avoid this entirely is by fluctuating between light-strain and heavy strain workouts. Try hopping on a bike after some weight lifting, in order to relieve stress on your muscles and focus on your cardiovascular abilities.

Failing To Acknowledge What Your Body Is Telling You

It’s important to respond to whatever your body is saying. If your body is telling you that something hurts, it’s probably wise to avoid using that part of the body. Therefore, if you feel pain somewhere in your body during a workout, make sure you stop what you’re doing. Pushing a small injury can result in something far worse, so don’t let pride get in the way of what you’re body is telling you. Failing to do so can potentially cause a life-changing condition.

Not Properly Hydrating Yourself

Lastly, many people fail to properly hydrate themselves. For some reason, they see it as a sign of weakness. They’ll forego drinking water, and end up fainting. What looks worse, drinking water or passing out in front of everybody?

While you exercise, your body needs about four to eight ounces of water every 20 minutes. Make sure that you take a drink of water after every workout routine in order to stay replenished. If you feel thirsty during your workout, it’s because you’re already dehydrated. Failing to remedy this can result in extreme fatigue, dizziness, and fainting.

Avoid These Mistakes And You’re Golden!

Play it smart, and make sure you avoid these major exercise mistakes. You’ll end up hurting yourself if you don’t. Stay on course, and you will see the results that you desire!

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