Take Care With CrossFit

Mar 7, 2016

Take Care With CrossFitCrossFit has recently become one of the most popular training techniques around America, in part because of its innovative use of free weights and “kipping,” the idea that you can move your whole body during a pullup and other maneuvers. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with CrossFit: it’s very easy to become a CrossFit fitness trainer with little to no previous experience, and so how much benefit you’ll get from the exercise routine can vary wildly depending on who’s in charge.

Vet Your Trainer

Because CrossFit can involve wild motions and heavy objects moving fast, there is a significant chance that you may be injured during an exercise routine unless your trainer knows exactly what you’re ready for and exactly how to train you for it. Making that sort of judgement demands a lot of experience, and since the CrossFit organization doesn’t check for that experience, you need to do so yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask a CrossFit trainer for his or her credentials and previous experience before you sign up, and make sure you get a straight answer. Remember, your health is potentially on the line.

Be Patient

Just like how it takes an experienced eye to know when you’re ready for a particular CrossFit exercise, you’ll need some experience with more basic exercises, too. While we may be amazed by videos or live demonstrations of people moving vast weights or performing an incredible number of repetitions, the fact is that many of these exercises are too dangerous for a beginner to attempt. If you find an experienced CrossFit trainer and he or she refuses to let you practice any of the more incredible feats, don’t take it personally and be prepared to practice with the basics first.

CrossFit is a perfectly valid and fun training program, but not every CrossFit trainer is equally up to the task of teaching it. Make sure you do your homework before you sign up.

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