Jul 23, 2009

Have you had problems with getting things done?  Are you finding it harder to stay focused throughout the day? Do you need mental energy?  If you said yes to the questions above, then Adderex by Hi-Tech is for you.  Adderex is an exciting new product that has been formulated to help with focus and concentration. 

adderexAdderex offers many benefits and some of them include:

• Improved concentration and productivity in adults
• Helps keep children calm
• Strongest focusing aid without a prescription
• Works the first time you take it
• Feeling of well being

Last week several of us here at I-supplements decided to take Adderex for a test run.  Within thirty minutes of taking Adderex, I could slowly start to feel sudden rush of energy along with a new level of focus.  Over the next couple of hours my mind was moving extremely fast but in a good way. I felt like everything kind of slowed down around me and I noticed that my productivity and concentration was on another level. A problem that most people experience with certain energy products is the crash.  I’m sure that most of you have tried one those energy drinks at a gas station like Five Hour or Redline.  Adderex will give you what you’re looking for from a stimulant without all the nasty sides like restlessness and a complete crash hours later. Athletes who are looking for a mental boost before a competition could greatly benefit from this supplement.   On a quick note, I did grind my teeth a little with Adderex.  A simple solution is to pop in some gum to counter all the jaw action.  Adderex is one of the only products that I’ve taken that completely delivers all of its claims.  

The Team at

Imagine yourself as a calmer, more focused individual.  It is possible with Adderex. provides a huge online catalog of health and wellness supplements.  Visit our website at or call us at 800-244-4116 to place an order.  Don’t wait, a clearer you is just a mouse click away!

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