“Healthy” Foods You Should Avoid Eating

Aug 26, 2016

"Healthy" Foods You Should Avoid EatingWhen creating a diet, there are two major factors to consider. First off, you want to be centering your diet around whole foods; ones that are organic, come from nature and contain no synthetic chemicals. The next factor is limiting the amount of processed food you ingest, such as fast foods, which offer virtually no nutritional value and are filled with artificial flavorings and preservatives.

However, not all foods fit perfectly into one category or the other. In fact, there are foods thought of as “healthy,” which in fact, can ruin somebody’s diet if not regulated properly. Let’s discuss some of these foods and help you avoid making the same mistake that most Americans make.


This is one the foods that may mislead people the most. Yogurts can be incredibly health since it’s usually high in protein, calcium, and even B vitamins. However, most yogurts sold on the market can be seen as a dessert food rather than a healthy food. The amount of sugar found in some of these yogurts is alarming, and unfortunately, outweigh the benefits provided by the food. The sad thing is that many marketing campaigns mislead people into thinking they’re eating something healthy, when in fact, they are eating a sugary dessert.

Veggie Chips

You either own them or have seen them at a friend’s house. Veggie chips sound like a great way to satisfy snack cravings while eating healthy. Unfortunately, they’re exactly like potato chips, except that a little veggie power or puree added into them. Not only are these chips missing the nutrients found in actual vegetable, they are usually fried or baked. When foods like these are cooked at high temperatures, acrylamide (a tasteless, invisible chemical byproduct) is formed. I’m sure you didn’t want to be eating that.

Fruit Juice

It seems like a great beverage to compliment your salad for lunch, but fruit juice has a similar problem to yogurt. The amount of sugar found in these juices far outweigh its benefits. While whole fruits do contain fructose (a form of sugar), they also contain fiber, antioxidants and other great health promoting ingredients. Fruit juice, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of these nutrients.

Be Weary Of “Healthy” Foods

It’s unfortunate, but many people around the country turn to these types of foods as a healthy alternative to what they would normally eat. It’s a cruel tactic played by marketers. The best piece of advice to give in situations like this is to always read the label before purchasing the product. It’s the only way to safely know what’s inside the box.

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