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Incorporating Fat Burners Into Your Workout Routine

Aug 8, 2016

Incorporating Fat Burners Into Your Workout RoutineThroughout the years, the use of fat burners have become increasingly popular with bodybuilders and people dedicated to working out and shredding off unwanted pounds. Some customers that are considering purchasing fat burners are somewhat skeptical if these supplements actually work as they describe. To be perfectly clear, these fat burners do work, but as a user of the supplement, you must follow certain rules in order to see the results you desire. You must drink lots of water, have a weekly workout regime set in place, and have proper nutrition.

Popular Fat Burners On

With that being said, these fat burners will increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and increase your energy for exercise and life in general. Let’s look at some of the most popular fat burners that are on the market:

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3 High Protein Diet Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Aug 5, 2016

3 High Protein Diet Myths You Shouldn’t BelieveEven with all the advancements in nutrition research, there are still so many people who cling to old and outdated ideas when it comes to eating and exercise. That is why we are going to clear up a few of the most common and untrue ideas about high protein diets.

MYTH 1: A High-Protein Diet Will Increase Your Chance Of Osteoporosis

It has been commonly said that a high protein diet could increase your risk of osteoporosis, a medical condition where there is a loss in bone mineral density. The theory behind this states that a high protein diet will cause there to be an increase in the acid within your body and cause the calcium to be ‘leached’ out.

However, this could not be farther from the truth. In a recent nine-week study, it was found that when carbohydrates were replaced with meat to increase the amount of protein intake, it actually increased the rate of bone health-related hormones being produced by the body.

MYTH 2: A High-Protein Diet Will Put Stress On Your Kidneys

Believe it or not, your kidneys are incredibly efficient at filtering out any unnecessary substances from your body. Even with a high protein diet, your kidneys are still able to do their job with little to no trouble at all.

That being said, it is important for you increase your water intake along with your protein intake. This is because a water helps to break down the protein within your body. In order for your body to fully breakdown and use the protein in your body efficiently, you will want to make sure you are drinking enough water to get the job done right.

MYTH 3: You Must Consume Protein Immediately After Your Workout

There is a so-called ‘anabolic window’ after training where your body is most primed to accept nutrients, especially carbs and proteins, and deliver them straight to your muscles. While it was believed that this ‘window’ of time for only open for 30 to 60 minutes after your workout, this has been since proven untrue.

Don’t get us wrong, this ‘window’ does exist, but it is much longer than 60 minutes. In fact, it has been shown to extend by several hours after you have finished your workout. So when it comes to building muscle mass, the protein timing is not as important as you may have thought.

5 Tips For Healthy Summer Skin

Aug 3, 2016

5 Tips For Healthy Summer SkinWith the summer sun still out and about, you are probably eager to get some swimming in or to sun bathe on the beach. However, before you get too ahead of yourself, here are a few ways to keep your skin healthy over the summer season.

  1. Exfoliate For Clearer Skin

    Exfoliation allows you to remove the dead and dulling skin debris from your skin to prevent any congestion and improve the ability of toners and moisturizers to hydrate your skin. After you have exfoliated your skin, make sure to follow up with a hydrating body and facial cream to seal in moisture.

  2. Keep Yourself Moisturized

    As mentioned before, once you have cleared any dirt, debris, and dead skin from your face and body, you will want to follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. Additionally, using a booster or toner can be a great fit for your skin’s needs when layered underneath a moisturizer.

  3. Apply And Reapply Your Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is the only protection your skin has from the harsh rays of the sun. These rays both greatly harm the quality of your skin, but also can cause your appearance to age pre-maturely. Not only should you apply sunscreen, but you should make sure to reapply it every two hours to maximize your skin protection. For those prone to burning, you may even want to increase it to every hour just to be safe.

  4. Drink Plenty Of H2O

    With the higher temperatures of summer and the increased time spent outside in the sun, you are at a much greater risk of dehydration than normal. Make sure to increase the amount of water you drink throughout the day. Especially if you are spending a lot of your time outside in the sun. If you don’t care for the taste of plain water, try adding in a slice of lemon, lime, or cucumber for some natural flavor.

  5. Treat Your Over-Exposed Skin

    So you forgot the sunscreen, did not apply enough or were just simply caught in a sunny spell and now the damage has been done. While this is true, you need to make sure to soothe your sun damage with aloe vera and other cooling lotions to decrease the damage and provide you with a little relief.

Food Isn’t A Reward And Fitness Isn’t A Punishment

Aug 1, 2016

Food Isn’t A Reward And Fitness Isn’t A PunishmentHave you ever found yourself saying things like “I’ve done really well with my diet so I deserve this treat” or “I’m going to have to go to the gym twice to work off this extra slice”?

While these are most likely said with good intentions, they can be harmful to the way you view healthy eating and fitness.

So many of us will use food as a kind of reward and fitness as a type of punishment when we ‘fail’ our diet plan. By doing so, we create a painful and unhealthy cycle of ‘treating’ ourselves only to feel like a failure later who should be ‘punished’ by exercise. In order for you to truly enjoy a healthy life style, you will need to understand why this mindset is dangerous and how to break the cycle.

Food Is Not A Reward

While it can be tempting to use food and drink this way, you are causing yourself to associate food with happiness and pleasure. Which can make it a lot harder to cut down on, especially during times of stress. At the same time, you feel it is you have to ‘earn’ and any failure in eating habits is cause for you to deserve ‘punishment’. Food is not something that should be earned nor should it be a reward.

Food is simply food. It is what your body needs to function properly and for you to live. True, some foods are obviously better for you than others, but this does not turn them into a ‘reward’ to be earned. Instead, these ‘rewards’ should just be seen as foods you need to moderate within your diet because above all else you deserve to be happy and healthy.

Exercise Is Not A Punishment

The fact that you feel that you deserve punishment in any sense of the word is harmful in itself. That aside, fitness should never be about punishing yourself. It should be about bettering yourself. Improving yourself. You should be able to look forward to working out and leave the gym with a sense of strength and power. If you are using this as a way to punish yourself however, you will take away some of the most meaningful parts of exercising.
Remember that you are not exercising because you deserve punishment. You are exercising because you deserve to be strong and healthy. Because you deserve to be the best you possible.

This View Does Not Motivate Progress

Not only does this type of view harm your own progress, but it can greatly harm the progress of others too. We have all had that friend or family member who has tried to shame others into putting down a slice of cake or into losing weight. While they may truly have the best of intentions, they are harming you by equaling your worth to your weight or lifestyle choices.

Why Endurance Athletes Should Strength Train

Jul 29, 2016

Why Endurance Athletes Should Strength TrainWhether you are a cyclist, a triathlete, or just enjoy doing 5Ks for the fun of it, you don’t want to miss out on the value of strength training.

So why should strength training be necessary for endurance athletes? Due to the repetitive nature of endurance exercises, it greatly increases your risk of injury. However, with strength training, you can help to combat those injuries by building muscle that with help to keep joints properly aligned, prevent any muscular imbalances, and help you better ‘endure’ your endurance exercises.

How You Can Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Endurance Plan

  1. Commit to 2 to 3 strength workouts per week!

    Typically, you will find that most recreational endurance athletes will be able to benefit from doing full body strength train workouts around 2 to 3 times per week throughout the year. Find what works best for your personal schedule or fit it into your endurance routine.

  2. Adjust your strength workout to fit your personal goals!

    The type of fitness athlete you are or your competition schedule will affect the type of strength training that will be most valuable to you. For example, if you are an athlete training to complete a local 5K on Sunday morning, you will want to make sure you get in at least 1 or 2 strength workouts in before the race. This kind of athlete will also want to drop the weight or resistance used during the workout the week before as well.

    Likewise, you will want to take advantage of more frequent and higher weight or resistance used if your competition is farther away or if you are planning to achieve a healthier overall quality of life.

  3. Make the most off of your off season routine!

    On one hand, this is a short time that can allow you to relax a bit more between competitions. However, you can also take advantage of this time to achieve other fitness goals in between the seasons. For example, maybe you are interested in maxing out your strength with deadlifts, squats, or bench presses. Then once the competition has come back around, you will be a step ahead of the rest.

Should You Be Counting The Calories

Jul 27, 2016

Should You Be Counting The CaloriesStruggling with weight fluctuations? You are not the only one.

Trying to maintain a certain size or physique throughout the years can be very challenging for some. As we live each day, there are a large variety of factors that are effecting our size and weight including hormones, stress, and even our sleep habits. For those who are able to ‘maintain’ their weight with little trouble, this is typically because they are either ‘build’ that way or they simply pay a little more attention to their calorie intake to some degree.

Whether you love them or hate them, calories can be an unavoidable part of the equation. They influence your weight, health, and even how your clothes will fit you from year to year. Though it is important to note that a small amount of weight fluctuation is completely normal, bouncing back and forth from two extremes can be dangerous for your health.

That is why it is key to focus on obtaining a healthy weight rather than an ‘ideal’ weight. In fact, you should probably toss the idea of an ‘ideal’ weight out the window if possible. While many of us see the scale as a measurement of our health, it is crucial to note that body weight is the result of several different factors including your muscle mass, breast size, water retention, hormones, digestion, and genetics.

So What Is Caloric Balance?

Caloric balance refers to the amount of food or calories you should take in to balance the amount of calories that are expended through energy each day.

The calories on the ‘out’ side of the equation have to do with your caloric expenditure or energy output. This will differ greatly for each person and is not only based on how physically active you are, but also by:

This means that regardless of how much energy you may think you need, you could still be way off the mark with this one. This is why you may end up frustrated when your weight doesn’t seem to lower or to be ‘maintained’ despite your careful counting.

That aside, counting calories isn’t easy either. Even with using a simple calorie tracking program, you may be greatly overestimating or underestimating what exactly your body is getting.

Counting alone is not enough and it is important not to obsess over the numbers. Instead, begin your journey by seeking to better understand your eating patterns. Do you find that you eat more when stressed? Do you skip out on breakfast more than you should?

While the counting can be a great way to maintain a healthy weight, you do not need to track them obsessively or even precisely to do so. Instead use it as a way to help yourself listen more to your body and its needs.

Strength Training For Older Women

Jul 25, 2016

Strength Training For Older WomenAs we get older, we can unfortunately find our physical health decline with our age. Still, even at the ripe old age of 60s or 70s, it is never too late to get back in shape. However, is strength training for older women out of the picture? Does age effect the type of workout needed? While there are many factors that contribute to the type of workout needed for each person, age is definitely something that should be considered.

So what should a workout for an older women look like?

While being older can change the way you exercise or the amount of modification is needed for an exercise, it still very much depends on the older woman in question.

Typically, we look at aging as being marked with many declines in physical fitness including a decrease in flexibility, muscle mass, endurance, balance, and speed. However, for women who have been able to maintain an active lifestyle throughout their 30s, 40s, and 50s might not be experiencing these types of problems despite their age.

Yet those who have never been very active in their younger years are bound to have a lot more issues with their physical health that will need to be addressed with their fitness routine.

Since fitness levels can vary so much in women of all ages, your current age can say very little about the type of workout or exercise modifications that may or may not be needed.

So if you are an older adult that is looking to begin strength training, here is what you should know.

  1. If possible, consult with a personal fitness trainer.

    If you are pretty new or unfamiliar with developing your own strength training routine, seek out the help of a personal trainer who can instruct you in proper form and technique and will have better insight on how to modify exercises for your own personal needs.

  2. Start slow and listen to your body.

    In order for you to benefit from your strength training, you are going to need to start listening to your body. There is a difference between pushing the limit and overworking yourself. If something hurts to perform, have it modified until your body has the strength to handle it. If something doesn’t feel ‘right’, it may not be right for you. If you have a personal trainer helping you, make sure to inform them of any pain or intense discomfort you may be feeling.

  3. Maximize muscle protein exercises with a protein shake.

    You can get more out of your strength training exercise by making sure to consume extra protein during your workout. While getting some of your protein through whole foods is important, it can be challenging to consume enough to actual build muscle by itself. That is why adding a high quality whey protein shake to your diet can really make all the difference.

Why Should You Start Drinking Protein Shakes

Jul 18, 2016

Why Should You Start Drinking Protein ShakesIf you don’t already drink protein shakes every day, when should you begin? While daily protein shakes are typically used for convenience, most would prefer to get their protein from whole food sources instead. Still, there are several reasons for you to consider adding protein shakes to your diet.

Change In Diet

Have you been considering going vegetarian or vegan? Since meat, dairy, and eggs are typically the most common and easy sources of protein, it can make it hard to find a healthy replacement. Luckily, protein shakes are a wonderful way to get your protein while you are making this change in diet. However, it is important that you check the ingredients in your protein shakes to ensure you use one with plant only ingredients.

Growing And Athletic Teenagers

Teenagers, especially teenage boys, need more protein in their diet than an average adult would and protein shakes can be an effective way to do so. Not only does this extra protein help them to build and repair muscles, but it is also necessary for their general growth too. Without the right amount of protein in their diet, teens may not be able to grow as much as they should have.

Increasing the amount of protein in their normal food intake can be challenging too since school keeps them from home for a large part of the day. This makes a protein shake a lot more convenient. However, it is recommended that you use a plant-based protein for a safer and less allergenic option.

Building Muscle Or Increasing Your Workout Plan

Another time that you may want to add protein shakes to your diet is when you are planning to build muscle mass or increasing your workout plan. When you are working to build muscle, your body will require more protein than normal. This is why adding a protein shake to your diet can easily give you the boost you need. However, even for those who are just looking for a way to get more out of their workout, a protein shake can give you that extra energy you require.

Recovering From A Muscle Injury

Protein shakes aren’t just great for building muscles, but also for repairing muscle after an injury. Accidents happen all the time, including muscle accidents. Drinking a protein shake while injured can help you to speed up the recovery process, regardless of whether your injury was sports-related or not.

The Importance Of Staying Hydrated

Jul 15, 2016

The Importance Of Staying HydratedIn order for your body to survive, it greatly depends on there to be enough water in your body to support your every cell, tissue, and organs. In fact, water makes up for more than half of your body weight.

However, you lose water every day when you sweat, cry, go to the bathroom, and even from just breathing. The rate at which you lose water increases greatly during the summer, when you are physically active, or when you are sick with a fever. Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea can also lead to some rapid water loss as well.

This is why it is so vital for you to replace the water lost and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

How Do You Know If You Are Dehydrated?

So you understand that it is important to stay hydrated, but how do you even know if you are or not? Well there are a few symptoms to look out for include:

It is crucial to note that you should not wait for signs of dehydration to show to take action. Instead you should actively prevent dehydration through drinking plenty of water and other healthy liquids.

How Much Should You Drink Every Day?

You have probably heard several different recommendations for your daily water intake. While 6 to 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day is certainly a reasonable goal, this may not be enough for everyone. For the most part, simply drinking water every time you are thirsty should be enough.

However, if you are very concerned about your water intake, check the color of your urine. If the color is clear or slightly yellow, you can rest assured that you are well-hydrated. If the color is dark yellow or amber in color, there is a good chance that you are dehydrated and need to increase your water intake.

Who Is At Risk For Dehydration?

While everyone has some risk of dehydration, some have a higher risk than others. For example, older adults tend to lose water more quickly and may need more hydration up keep than someone who is younger. If you have any of these conditions, you definitely should increase your water intake.

Tips For Staying Hydrated

5 Benefits Of Our Sports Formula

Jul 11, 2016

5 Benefits Of Our Sports FormulaAre you planning to begin your summer fitness routine, but not sure where to begin? Whether you are a hardworking mother trying to get back into shape or a professional athlete getting ready for the game, our Sports Formula has exactly what you need.

  1. Increases Your Natural Energy

    While some of us wake up with a boost of energy, most of us do not. This can make the thought of starting an exercise routine seem almost impossible. How can you exercise daily when you can barely get out of bed in the morning? Thanks to our Sports Formula, you can get that natural boost of energy you need to begin your day on the right track every time.

  2. Enhances Bodily Functions And Efficiency

    When you are beginning your fitness routine, you want to ensure that your body is working with you and not against you. Luckily, our Sports Formula is filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that will provide your body with everything it needs to be in tip top shape.

  3. Elevated Mental Focus

    Your mental health is just as important as your physical one. Even if your body feels energetic and ready to go, it is crucial for you to have the mental focus to follow through. With our Sports Formula, your mind will feel refreshed and alive again so you can have the motivation to get yourself into gear.

  4. Boost Muscle Growth And Recovery

    Building muscles isn’t easy and it can be especially hard to recover them after an injury. That is why we made our Sports Formula with 20 essential amino acids that will help to boost your ability to strengthen your body the healthy way.

  5. All Natural Supplements

    With all the preservatives and artificial sweeteners in our food and drink, it can be hard to trust that any product out there is truly safe for our body. Luckily, our Sports Formula contains all natural cold processed ingredients so you can feel confident about the daily use of our supplements.

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